The Art of Landing Page Design

What happens when you provide a creatively crafted, disciplined landing page to your visitors? Easy, you get conversions.

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What happens when you provide a creatively crafted, disciplined landing page to your visitors? Easy, you get conversions.

Make yourself aware of the importance of landing pages with a research-based fact. It increases your conversion by 55 % when you have 10-15 landing pages, and if you make that 40, it increases by 500%.

But having just a landing page is not the trick. The landing page must be designed in a way that it contains all the elements that enhance the quality of it and draws the attention of your potential customers with relevant information about your product or services. You will read about those special elements in the latter section of this blog.

Let us first focus on understanding the need of having a landing page.

A landing page is a term you encounter when you introduce your services or products to digital marketing. The landing page serves the motive of turning a visitor into a customer by helping you perform a certain kind of trade with them.

It can be in the form of sharing a piece of information with your visitors in exchange for them providing their contact information or making a deal by throwing special offers to them.

Our dynamic way of performing professional web designing and digital marketing tasks has helped us establish Appsrow in over 12 countries in a very short span of time. And after collaborating with multiple clients and turning their ideas into a profitable business with our cutting-edge web designing and digital marketing services, we have analyzed and picked up the top elements to design and turn a landing page into a lead-generating tool.

Things To Consider While Creating Landing Page

Elements that constitute to build a good, uniquely designed, and profitable landing page –

Give them what they want It is very obvious that a person is clicking for a reason, and thus, the only better option available is to deliver what you promised. This transforms your business into a trustable brand and makes a better first impression.

Keep it focused

  • The landing page is an extension of your business doing strategies and has to be kept focused on the offers, you want to make to your visitors.
  • A bulky landing page containing the details about your business does not impress your visitors and decreases your engagement with them.
  • If only you target informing them what exciting deals they can get once they reach your landing page, you increase the chances of converting a visitor into a potential consumer.

No lengthy forms

  • Generating leads through the landing page is tough if the visitor finds no sign of what he is leading to.
  • A smart way to tackle it is by keeping the form shorter in length or breaking it up into several steps with a clear guide to the visitor about what he gets after filling in the details.
  • A visitor is less likely to fill in all the details if presented a long-form. Try asking for details in small steps because shorter forms have higher chances of getting qualified leads.
  • One thing to always remember is that to get a fair share of the valuable time of your visitors, you must provide them with some precious information that delivers a good trade to the user.
  • Also, multiple short forms enable you to analyze how interested the visitor seems in your services by simply looking at the data about how many steps he completed while filling the form.

Collecting the right information

  • When targeting some specific audience, you must work on identifying all details you require from your potential customers to finally generate leads.
  • The demographic data must include much more than just name and contact information to interpret the need of your audience and fulfil it by working exactly on the same.
  • Collecting inadequate data is of no use and makes no difference on the charts of lead conversion.
  • Doing proper research on the audience, you want to target and managing to draw a line between them and your services with the collected data helps achieve a higher conversion rate.

Principle of minimalism

  • Does not flood the landing page with too many options to decide from. If a visitor finds too many things to opt from, he might get distracted and lose his interest completely.
  • Multiple options create friction in the mind of visitors, and they choose nothing.
  • Let your customers make one decision at a time to get genuine responses from them that are very helpful in promoting your product or services to them.

Putting testimonials everywhere

  • People do not believe in what you tell them about your product. They believe in what other customers speak about your services, and it builds their faith in your business.
  • Use testimonials as a key weapon to increase your sale by putting them on the landing page and also make them visible on your homepage and about page.
  • Do not insert testimonials into pages that are never visited by the customers.

Using high definition images

  • The design is the first thing that grabs the attention of viewers. An exquisitely designed landing the page takes you one step ahead in converting a visitor into a customer.
  • The key thing that constitutes to form a good design is using high-quality images proportionately with the content to make a longer-lasting impact on your audience.
  • A secret to be told here is, always prefer real images over stock ones. Product-centred real images always show better results.
  • When you are doing everything to establish a profitable business, why choose some ordinary web designing services. Hire someone who knows the art of putting details in design. We at Appsrow has mastery in creating SEO-friendly web designs to favour your digital marketing needs.
  • When you are running ads on various digital media channels, you must have an appealing landing page to drive customers to your business. The landing page must offer your customer something that cannot be refused. This way, you meet your ultimate target of improving sales and generating more revenue.

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